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Are we there yet?…

“Those who think that they have arrived have lost their way”. Henri Nouwen.  Many people think that because of their spiritual conversion they have arrived. They assume they have the right answers and they are living on the right side of the tracks.  When did we get it in our heads that we have arrived.Continue reading “Are we there yet?…”

The Mirror of God..

We all have a soul. Every person that breaths has a soul but we are not the same. Our souls are at different stages of being transformed and at different rates, but our souls are constantly being formed. This takes practice and opportunity.  God enters our lives and there is soul transformation. When the SpiritContinue reading “The Mirror of God..”

Listen to Yourself..

“There are two extremes to avoid: being completely absorbed in your own pain and being distracted by so many things that you stay far from the wound you want to heal” Henri Nouwen (The Inner Voice). One factor that makes the voice of the soul so difficult to hear is that its cries come outContinue reading “Listen to Yourself..”

Be the open you

Models of Life (The Authentic “Hero”) We can receive great encouragement from the way others live their lives. This is particularly so when we see them giving expression to values to which we aspire.  Nouwen states: We need to model those we would not readily classify as heroes …. laying down your life means makingContinue reading “Be the open you”

God will triumph…

I Just read this:The urgency of injustice could not be greater than when it is experienced every day. Until our hearts allow this ordinary daily reality to enter our lives with some degree of the same empathic force it would if the injustice were against us or against those we most love, then the chancesContinue reading “God will triumph…”


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