I, We….They,They,They

Words taken from The Dangerous act of loving your neighbor by Mark Labberton. “We”is a set of invisible goggles we never take off, not least because we have no sense we even have them on. We look out on the world with the lenses of our instincts and Social Grooming. we think we see theContinue reading “I, We….They,They,They”

Over Here and Over There!

Words from the book, The dangerous Act of loving thy neighbor. Where be live shapes how we live. …Life on this side of things definitely has real pain and genuine desperation. One can have all things that life on this side brings with it and still find life difficult. The anguish of our minds andContinue reading “Over Here and Over There!”

Book Read #1: The Gift Of Self Discovery by David Benner.

Words from Chapter 1- Transformational Knowing of Self and God: Knowing God and knowing about God are two different things. What can you learn about yourself and God that can only arise from your encounter with the divine? Although Jesus told Peter he would deny him, Peter did not want to believe it. Doubting JesusContinue reading “Book Read #1: The Gift Of Self Discovery by David Benner.”