Shame- Dr Rob Reimer states:

Shame produced self-talk with self-doubt.

Shame makes us hide our face.

Secrets create shame.. wherever you go, there you are, and you carry your suitcase with you. There is no avoiding it, and whatever you are unpacking in the suitcase of your soul is impacting you… running from your past doesn’t keep your past from impacting your present.

Shame is an Identity issue that is manifest in community. We often hide when we carry shame because we feel bad about ourselves. We feel that if people actually knew us they wouldn’t accept us, so we hide from God and others . We Build self- protective walls to keep others from discovering what’s inside the suitcase of our souls…. shame makes us afraid to draw near others- especially God.

Shame always makes it too much about us. Shame is a head- down posture.

Shame never gives us an accurate view of ourselves even while making it too much about ourselves at the same time.shame is an eyes-on-me disease of the soul.

Shame takes our eyes off God, and limits our spiritual authority and capacity to move mountains.

Shame always makes us feel inadequate; it makes us feel unworthy.

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