I serve a merciful God

Matthew chapter 13

Scripture of the day: Psalm 34:4

I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.


• Jesus took the opportunity to preach to the crowd

• Jesus pointed out the different kinds of people that will hear the word and how it will register, rest, and be rewarded upon their hearts in and against this world

• The enemy is among us, but there is a harvest which means there’s hope for those that hear on that day

• Whoever has ears, let them hear! Prophecy fulfilled Isa 6:8-10

Hummm, I wonder why?

Why did Jesus speak in parables especially knowing that some might not understand, is it because he wanted some of us to actually think for ourselves, to search our hearts and minds, to have a choice? Is it a warning of what to come?

My Reflections:

“And He did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith” Although Jesus sat with them preached and spoke in love they still didn’t believe. I always wonder and sometimes wished I walked in those times and I often convince myself that I would have been a great follower, shouting Jesus from the roof tops, stuck to His hip and clinging to His every word. But in reality, would that have been me? Would I have been ever seeing and never perceiving, ever hearing and never understanding as well? It can be very easy to make an assumption when we are not actually in the situation until we are in it. For crying out loud we struggle to believe today and humans have no changed at all, if not have become even more desperately wicked. What I can say for my belief today is that I am Soul searching, pondering and reflecting what kind of seed am I internally? Praying that God help my unbelief for the things I struggle with daily. I am thankful that His mercies are new daily to cover the multitude of many sins.


Published by Silent Minds

Hi, My name is Dawn and I live in NJ. Silent Minds is a blogging page on books, spiritual reflections, bible study and devotions. I created this Blog because I love reading and sharing things that I feel that are important as I read, as well as thoughts and insights that speak to my heart. Most of the books I read are christian/biblical based or topics that I find interesting and relevant to life. welcome and Hope you enjoy!

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