It’s for the long haul..

I felt so overwhelmed for the past couple of days and I have been feeling overwhelmed and heavy with everything that’s going on in the world with the violence, with racism as a person of color, and with just things in my personal life. And yesterday I stopped in the middle of the day and I took a walk because my mind felt so bombarded by all the challenges I see before me. 

This morning, as I opened my devotion the topic was: “New Energies”- Finding endurance for the long journey’. I am thankful that God still speaks and His ways.

 I am always eager for change and I get very despondent when there is no change. I long to see things strive towards the better and when that does not happen it tends to physically, emotionally and mentally drain me out. “Finding an endurance for the long journey”

One thing that stuck out to me said, “only change based on careful reflection should you allow us to new places”. To me, this simply meant in spite of how I feel all the emotions and thoughts that’s raging through my mind, with everything in me wanting the capability to change situations as I see them is that I need to sit down, ponder and carefully reflection the now, the present, to step away from my inner self, to step outside the box and look inside the box with the lens of God before I am so eager to move into a new direction hastily. 

Matthew 16 spoke to me:

 1).The Pharisees and the Sadducees demanded a sign so they questioned and tested Jesus. A lot of times we demand a sign. It’s the not knowing the outcome that influences our attitudes and behaviour in our situations and our behaviour and attitude towards God. In the moment we forget that God is the alpha and Omega, we forget that He knows and sees the outcome of it all, and that he works all things out for those who love Him. We forget to seek first His kingdom and we try to fix things in our own human strength. God doesn’t need my help. 

2). Jesus said to watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and the sadducees: watch out for the things that are brooding and rising up around me, that can move my focus and attention away from Him. Stay the course. 

3). You of little faith: have faith that God will see me through that long journey. God’s is around for the long haul. Jesus is all that I need when He is all that I have. 

4). We must suffer many things but suffer well! Yes it will be painful, yes there will be tears, yes the waves will come but rejoice He is alive and He still moves stones.

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Hi, My name is Dawn and I live in NJ. Silent Minds is a blogging page on books, spiritual reflections, bible study and devotions. I created this Blog because I love reading and sharing things that I feel that are important as I read, as well as thoughts and insights that speak to my heart. Most of the books I read are christian/biblical based or topics that I find interesting and relevant to life. welcome and Hope you enjoy!

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