Over Here and Over There!

Words from the book, The dangerous Act of loving thy neighbor.

Where be live shapes how we live. …Life on this side of things definitely has real pain and genuine desperation. One can have all things that life on this side brings with it and still find life difficult. The anguish of our minds and hearts can almost erase the simple pleasures and privileges of this life- enough so that it can seem as if they don’t really matter, in fact. It turns out the person can have unlimited access to food, water and shelter and still feel that life is miserable…….What is most invisible to those who live on this side of things is often far more invisible to those who look at the world from the other side of things….What is mostly apparent to us is all we don’t have, rather than all we might yet have. “More” is always an attractive option. Still we are unimpressed with the suggestion that any of this is power….. We can always find people who have so much more than we do that it always seems we are in the middle to low end of this strenuousness cycle….

Reflection: what would be the biggest difference in your life if you lived on the other side of things? What if hope meant survival, not improvement or alleviation of daily problems? How would your prayers change?

Published by Silent Minds

Hi, My name is Dawn and I live in NJ. Silent Minds is a blogging page on books, spiritual reflections, bible study and devotions. I created this Blog because I love reading and sharing things that I feel that are important as I read, as well as thoughts and insights that speak to my heart. Most of the books I read are christian/biblical based or topics that I find interesting and relevant to life. welcome and Hope you enjoy!

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