Steps towards knowing Self

Three takeaways: 1. Genuine self knowledge begins by looking at God and noticing how God is looking at us. Grounding our knowing of our self in Gods knowing of us anchors us in reality. It also anchors us and God. 2. Love is our identity and our calling, for we are children of love. Created from love, of love and for love, our existence makes no sense apart from divine love. 3. We must face our feelings of shame. They make us feel too vulnerable. So we pretend they do not exist and hope they go away. We cannot deny our broken and wounded self. These unwanted parts of self do not go away, they simply go into hiding.

Published by Silent Minds

Hi, My name is Dawn and I live in NJ. Silent Minds is a blogging page on books, spiritual reflections, bible study and devotions. I created this Blog because I love reading and sharing things that I feel that are important as I read, as well as thoughts and insights that speak to my heart. Most of the books I read are christian/biblical based or topics that I find interesting and relevant to life. welcome and Hope you enjoy!

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